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Application of NdFeB magnets in the motor industry

Dec 12,2020 / News, Industry News / Author: JinLunCiCai

About 1/2 of the output of NdFeB magnet material is used to make various magnet motors. There are many types of magnet motors. According to AC and DC classification, permanent magnet motors can be divided into 10 motor names. Permanent magnet AC motors include permanent magnet synchronous generators, permanent magnet AC tachometer motors, permanent magnet induction generators, ignition magnets, permanent magnet synchronous motors; permanent magnet DC motors include: permanent magnet DC servo motors, permanent magnet DC tachometer motors , Permanent magnet DC torque motor, permanent magnet stepper motor, permanent magnet brushless DC motor, piezoelectric motor, Hall motor, limited angle motor, voice coil motor, etc.

The capacity of the motor is as small as a few deciwatts, as large as hundreds of kilowatts, and is widely used in modern science and technology and national economic and living sectors. Compared with non-permanent magnet motors, the advantages of permanent magnet motors are that they do not require excitation windings or exciters. They have high specific power, small size and light weight, energy saving, and copper savings. The emergence of the third generation of rare earth permanent magnet-rare earth iron-based permanent magnet materials has promoted the development of permanent magnet motors: permanent magnet intelligent motors have the advantages of saving resources, high efficiency, small size, and low noise. Due to the high performance of the third-generation rare earth NdFeB permanent magnet, the manufactured motor has the advantages of high power, high efficiency, smaller volume, lighter weight, and no excitation loss.

NdFeB permanent magnet AC motor

Type name of NdFeB permanent magnet motor:

1 Permanent magnet synchronous generator, 2 Permanent magnet AC tachometer motor, 3 Permanent magnet induction generator, 4 Magneto for ignition, 5 Permanent magnet synchronous motor.

Uses of NdFeB permanent magnet AC motors:

Single-phase, three-phase AC power supply, auxiliary exciter, can be used for flying, navigation, locomotives, lathes, etc. measurement of travel speed and rotation speed.

NdFeB permanent magnet DC motor

Types and names of NdFeB permanent magnet DC motors:

1. Permanent magnet DC motors for driving, 2. Permanent magnet DC servo motors, 3. Permanent magnet DC tachometer motors, 4. Permanent magnet DC torque motors, 5. Other permanent magnet motors, such as permanent magnet stepping motors, permanent magnet DC motors Brushless motors, piezoelectric motors, Hall motors, limited angle motors, voice coil motors, etc.

The use of NdFeB permanent magnet DC motor:

Audio and video recorders, cameras, record players, household appliances, electronics industry, instrumentation, electric toys in micro motors (using batteries as power) automation, remote control telemetry systems, measuring the speed of various rotating parts, industrial automation, office automation, remote control System, computer peripherals, etc.

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