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Application of special-shaped strong magnets, magnetic resolution, storage methods and related explanations

Apr 30,2021 / News, Industry News / Author: JinLunCiCai

The special-shaped strong magnet is actually a magnet designed for the needs of special products. The special-shaped magnet is relative to the standard magnet. Special-shaped magnets have become an irreplaceable material to promote the development of high-tech and contemporary civilization. Magnet manufacturers believe that the development prospects of special-shaped magnets are relatively optimistic.

The material of the special-shaped magnet is relatively brittle, and the processing procedure is also more complicated. Mainly used in industrial applications such as various machines, motors, wind generators, etc. Especially the special-shaped electromagnet tile is a kind of special-shaped magnet that is more common in daily production.

Advantages of special-shaped magnets: The product is cost-effective and has good mechanical properties. It has been widely used in modern industry and electronic technology.

Special-shaped NdFeB magnets need to be processed strictly in accordance with the size standards designed in the drawings, so accurate measurement and inspection are required after processing. The image measuring instrument can just meet the measurement needs of various sizes of special-shaped magnets. In addition to the general length and width dimensions, the image measuring instrument can also measure magnet flatness, multi-segment radian of special-shaped magnet, magnet diameter radius, special-shaped magnet R angle, magnet height, special-shaped magnet aperture, ring magnet concentricity, etc. Multi-angle and multi-azimuth to meet your measurement requirements for various sizes of special-shaped magnets. Of course, magnet measurement is not only limited to special-shaped magnet measurement, such as connector strong magnet measurement, round magnet measurement, square magnet measurement, perforated magnet measurement, motor magnet measurement, etc.  Jinluncicai.com provide special-shaped NdFeB magnet over years.

How to distinguish the magnetic force of a special-shaped strong magnet

1. Put two magnets of the same size and standard on a surface that can be adsorbed, such as patch, blade, iron gate, etc., and distinguish the size of the magnetic force by hand. The feel is always the right feeling. No matter what you are going to do with it, the feel is a very important feeling.

2. Use electronic scales: Magnets with weak magnetic force are generally related to their density. If the density is low, the magnetic force will be relatively small. If the weight is heavy, the magnetic force will be relatively large, and the opposite component will be lighter if the magnetic force is small. That is to say, the heavier magnet is larger, so when measuring the magnet, it must be accurate to the gram.

3. Gauss meter, the results of this test are more intuitive and clear, but you need to pay attention to the time of the test. When measuring the center of the magnet, the center of the magnet is measured. If one measures the edge of the magnet, the other is not accurate.

The magnetic force of the test magnet is generally measured with a Gauss machine. Other test methods include:

1. Helmhertz resonance coil test, which can test all the magnetic flux of the whole magnet;

2. Hall effect detection, the conventional test method is reflected in the form of Gauss value, the principle is that the traveling wave tube in the magnetic field shows the Hall effect under the magnetic field;

3. Axial field description, used to describe the magnetic field dispersion of the magnetic combination;

4. Fixed suction test;

5. The high-resolution test can detect a magnetic field change of one hundred thousandths.

What should be paid attention to when storing strong magnets

1. Do not use strong magnets close to electronic equipment, as it will affect electronic equipment and control circuits and affect the use.

2. Do not store the magnet in a humid environment, so as to avoid its oxidation, resulting in changes in appearance, physical properties and magnetic properties.

3. If a person who is sensitive to metal objects approaches the magnet, the skin will be rough and red. If the above reaction occurs, please do not touch strong magnets.

4. Do not bring magnets close to floppy disks, hard drives, credit cards, tapes, debit cards, TV picture tubes, etc. If the magnet is close to the magnetic recorder and other devices, it will affect or even destroy the recorded data.

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