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What Is a NdFeB Magnet and Why Is It So Unique?

Dec 26,2020 / News, Industry News / Author: JinLunCiCai

The NdFeB magnetic field is stronger than the European electro-permanent magnets. This special type of magnetic material is suitable for use in a variety of applications including medical, industrial machinery, power supplies, and aerospace applications. Understanding the NdFeB magnetic field can help you determine what type of materials you should use in your specific application.

The NdFeB magnetic field is similar to that of the permanent magnet. However, it differs from a permanent magnet because it contains a ferromagnetic core comprised of the metallic raw material. The sintered nDFeb permanent magnet is composed of neodymium and iron while the NdFeB magnetic material has a much higher level of magnetic field strength.

The NdFeB magnetic material possesses the benefits of the rare earth magnets as well as the permanent magnet. In addition to providing continuous performance with the right amount of current, the unique design of the NdFeB magnets enables them to be used for all types of applications. If you are looking for the best non-magnetic material for your needs, you should consider the use of this superior raw material. The following brief introduction to these unique magnets will give you an idea about how to identify and select a superior NdFeB magnetic bead.

Unlike other materials, which display long-term magnetic behavior, the Nd FeB magnet displays short-term, directional, polarization. These materials are more stable and last longer compared to their counterparts. The high level of purity of the NdFeB ensures its durability and quality. They do not possess any appreciable magnetism. Thus, they exhibit the long-term and permanent magnets.

The unique feature of the NdFeB magnetic material is that it does not display the common permanent magnetic property. Instead, the material exhibits the long-term and the directional magnetism. The magnetic field of the NdFeB is formed by the neodymium-coated cylindrical shells. Neodymium is a highly magnetic metal and when coated with neodymium, the magnetic field is enhanced. The coated shells are capable of creating the necessary long-term and directional magnetic field within a small space.

Due to their high level of magnetic fields, neodymium magnets are extremely stable and they can support a high current flow for a very long period. Moreover, the magnets produced out of neodymium magnets are more directional than any other commonly used magnets in the market. In contrast to the non-magnetized magnets, the NdFeB magnets are truly designed to work as perpetual magnets and they do not lose their permanent magnetizing capability even when they are exposed to extreme conditions. They can be used for industrial applications, electrical circuits, computer applications, automotive, aerospace, power generation and medical industries.

If you want to know more about this unique material, then read this short introduction. We have taken the liberty of putting together this brief introduction as a guide for those individuals who do not have an overall knowledge about this particular type of magnetic power generator. This brief introduction will also help you understand why these magnets are so unique and why they can successfully replace the long-life permanent magnets currently used in a variety of applications. With this information, you can start considering whether or not it is worth investing in a NdFeB magnetic power generator.

NdFeB is not a brand name but it is the generic name for the NdFeB (pronounced "ndfeerb") metal. The metal is made out of a variety of alloys including magnetite, ferric, aluminum, boron, and titanium. This unique combination of alloys results in a metal that is stronger than most of the traditional materials used for powering modern conveniences, including computers and home energy systems.

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